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Embrace Nature's Shield: Safeguard Your Home with Shield23 Fabric Refresher

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Living in harmony with nature doesn't mean compromising our health or comfort. With the omnipresent threats of dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, and mould, it's essential to have a powerful ally in our corner. Introducing Shield23 Fabric Refresher, our revolutionary solution that redefines the way you care for your home textiles.

Pico X Shield23 FABRIC

Shield23 Fabric Refresher isn't your typical fabric refresher. It's an eco-conscious game-changer that goes a step further than just masking odours. This ground-breaking product offers enduring protection against a myriad of microorganisms for up to three months, creating a healthier, fresher living space for you and your family.

The Power of Nature Against Microbes

Shield23 FABRIC is designed to eliminate 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and mould. It provides ongoing protection against these microbes for up to six months, reducing the risk of infections and maintaining a clean and fresh environment.

The superior antimicrobial agents in Shield23 FABRIC not only foster a healthier living space but also help to preserve the freshness of your fabrics, reducing the need for frequent washing. Your textiles remain fresh and safeguarded for an extended period, offering you peace of mind.

Pico X Shield23 FABRIC Refresher

Peppermint Essential Oil: Nature's Pest Deterrent

The advantages of Shield23 FABRIC don't end with antimicrobial protection. Infused with the natural potency of peppermint essential oil, known for its powerful insecticidal properties, Shield23 not only leaves a refreshing aroma but also serves a dual purpose, repelling common household pests such as dust mites and bed bugs. With Shield23 FABRIC, your home is not just cleaner and fresher, but also free of pests.

An Eco-Conscious Choice

In line with our commitment to the environment, Shield23 FABRIC is designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly. By reducing the frequency of washing, it contributes to water and energy conservation, aligning with sustainable practices for a greener home. The formula used in Shield23 is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making it safe for use without causing harm to humans or the environment.

Versatility at Your Fingertips

Ideal for a wide variety of fabrics, from clothing to upholstery to bedding, Shield23 FABRIC is user-friendly and leaves no residue. You can apply it to various items in need of antimicrobial protection, such as clothing, bedding, sofa upholstery, curtains, and more. Simply spray directly onto your fabrics and let it dry for an instantly fresh and protected textile.

Safe Use of Shield23

While Shield23 Fabric Refresher is generally safe and hypoallergenic, it's important to observe certain precautionary measures. Keep the product out of reach of children and avoid contact with eyes. It's also advisable to test Shield23 FABRIC on a small, inconspicuous area of the fabric before applying it to the entire surface. This helps ensure compatibility and prevents any adverse reactions or damage to the fabric.

With Shield23 Fabric Refresher, you get more than just fresh-smelling fabrics - you get a shield that safeguards your home, extends the lifespan of your textiles, and contributes to a healthier and more sustainable environment. Say goodbye to dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, and mould, and welcome a new era of eco-conscious fabric care with Shield23 FABRIC.

Shield23 FABRIC


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